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As a stump grinding and removal company located in Cumming, GA we understand that the sight of an ugly stump that just has to go. That’s why we offer our stump grinding and removal services. We want your tree removal to go on without a hitch. Our goal is to leave the area clean and ready for whatever it is you have planned. If you have had the tree removed by another person or company and just need the stump cleaned up, we can do that too! However, if you have us out to cut down your tree, you can have us to the stump grinding and removing while we are there.

How Deep Do You Grind the Stump?

We leave this up to the homeowner. But we like to get it around 16″ deep. This will allow for other vegetation to grow in the place of the tree. However, if you just want it ground down enough so that you don’t hit it with a lawnmower and don’t plan to grow anything over the top, then 4″ should be enough.

Can We Get the Entire Stump Removed?

Yes, the entire stump can be removed. That is what we do! We will work with you to find out what future plans you have to determine what depth to go when grinding the stump. Sometimes for a taller stump which can need emergency service, we must take a chain saw to it and cut it down to ground level before we proceed with our stump grinding and removal service.

Can You Take Care of Visible Tree Roots?

Yes, we can take care of tree roots that are in your way as well. Tree roots can be very dangerous when they are up on top of the ground. These can cause a tripping hazard as well as mowing issues. Our stump grinding and removal service can take care of these for you.

Why Stump Grinding?

Once the tree has been cut down, there will be a visible stump left. We will do our best to get as low to the ground as possible. If you want to grow grass or other vegetation in the place of a tree, then you will have to get the stump removed. We cannot take care of your stump with just chainsaws alone. You will need specialized equipment to come in to grind the stump down. This is a practice that we do all the time for our customers. This process will leave your yard looking great and you can plant whatever you want where the tree once was.

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