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Storm damage and prevention are important in the tree business. Trees can cause major issues when a storm comes rumbling by. This is important especially if your tree has some dead limbs or is showing signs that there might be something wrong it. Many times trees can rot from the inside, which leaves the tree open to fall under strong winds.

Before you have property damage or even worse, give us a call and let us take a look at your current situation. If you think that your trees are at risk of failure during heavy winds you should give us a call. We will assess your trees and provide you with the proper plan of action for your trees.

Many things are obvious when it comes to trees. A dead limb won’t have leaves or other branches coming from it. There are many theories and reasons for a dead tree limbs, but one thing is for sure, we know that it becomes dangerous when heavy wind and rain are added to the equation. Sometimes this is a sign that the tree itself is in danger as well. If your tree is old, then, you should really have a professional arborist come out and inspect the tree. Storm damage and prevention is a great way to ensure your tree is good and sound and will be able to survive the elements.

Insects On Your Tree is a Bad Sign

If there are a lot of pests hanging out around and on the tree, this could be a bad sign. Trees that have rotting wood, either on the outside or in, attract insects. They feed on the rotting pulp. This is a very good reason to have an arborist come out and take a look to determine the necessary steps you should take for your tree.

Tree Damage Due to Storms

With all the prevention possible, we still get storm damage to our trees and buildings. Storm damage and prevention is something we take great pride in. Storm damage to a tree could be something as simple as a split branch or fallen branch. If it is away from electrical lines and didn’t land on anything, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if it did land on lines and you aren’t sure if they are electrical, don’t take any chances. Downed powerlines look harmless but they are deadly and you should call your electric company first. Once the electrical line issue is handled it is then time to call for some cleanup. And, we can help with that.

Remember, safety is always first. Give us a call and we can come to secure it, day or night. We would love the opportunity to help with your Storm Damage and prevention needs