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Every tree can be a true asset to your property or it can be a liability. We find that when our professional crew performs a tree risk assessment and find a potential problem, we go over the solution with you and that would be if it’s beyond repair due to disease or damage, we will then need to remove the tree. Our professional arborist will work with you to safely and efficiently have our crew remove your tree.
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Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming serves two purposes, which are maintenance and a hazard reduction. Tree maintenance will definitely make all your trees be aesthetically pleasing for all. Our hazard reduction will get rid of all those branches which will compromise the trees structural integrity.
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Having any type of strong winds, heavy ice, lightning and/or snow storms are the most common causes of these types of tree damage. When you notice that one of your trees is badly damaged, it is imperative you find out through our professional tree care service if that particular tree is worth keeping. We offer FREE tree care inspections at your convenience, so as soon as you notice the damage done to your tree, call us immediately. We will come out to inspect the tree, determine the best recommendations for you and best course of action for that particular tree on your property.
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We own the proper equipment to do both any size jobs, be it large or a small job. We cover front and back yards as well as guaranteeing our work. What we do is basically grind round twelve inches below ground level, however we are able to grind up to twenty-five inches below ground level when necessary. All of our equipment is landscape friendly and safe for our professionals. We can get all the stump grinding done fast and for a minimal cost. We give the actual price when we come out to your location, and if so desired we will start the work immediately.
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Emergency Service

Are you in desperate need of emergency tree service? Did your trees get damaged in one of our recent storms? For emergency tree care service, Cumming Tree Care is here to assist you with your emergency tree care needs asap! We have decades of experience in handling insurance claims, with removing those large fallen trees, and saving storm damaged trees, or if need be tree removal, and tree cutting. We also have an ISA Certified Arborist available if you would like to speak with them about a tree emergency now.
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Cumming Tree Care is a professional tree care service in Cumming, Georgia and the surrounding cities as well. We take pride in our years of tree care servicing to our communities. Our tree care service in Cumming is one of the most sought-after tree trimming, tree and stump removal, tree cutting and tree care servicing.

Cumming Tree Care has years of experience in the tree industry as a whole. Our expertise knowledge is from our continual education on all tree industry information.

Tree cutting is a dangerous project and if done incorrectly will ultimately kill the tree or even worse, hurt yourself and/or someone else as well as your property. We have only the most well-trained and experienced tree crew that truly cares about your trees and this comes with excellent service along with affordable prices. 

We are a full-service tree care company and it’s our business to be concerned in regards to the health of your trees. However, knowing that we truly care about preserving and maintaining the natural beauty and the physical integrity of all trees, by all means our main priority is you, our valued client. We don’t just want to satisfy you, our valued client, we want to exceed all of your expectations with our tree care services. 

Cumming Tree Care is one of the leading tree care providers in Cumming, GA. Servicing all of the Cumming community for years now. Call us when you see that your trees are dying, sick, or in need of a tree surgeon/arborist.  

Tree disease is a serious issue which needs to be identified and controlled before it contaminates other trees on your property. By having the latest in tree injections and deep root stimulation, we are able to put the life back into your trees and protect them from all future tree disease.     

At Cumming Tree Care, we realize you are on a budget, so we have very affordable pricing for all your tree services. Our entire staff is ISA trained and we also have a certified tree arborist on board.

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Cumming Tree Care is your tree care professionals in Cumming and all surrounding communities as well. Our certified in-house arborists have a proven track-record of excellent service to all of our residents and our local businesses. For decades now, we have been providing Cumming, GA with a trusted name in the community for all tree care services.

We truly invest our time and resources in creating a greener earth for all of us to enjoy. We are knowledgeable in how to save trees and as many as possible in our community. By following the ISA guidelines, we are one of the industries best tree care services in Cumming, GA. We keep abreast of all new technologies available to our industry as well as attend events that are teaching new techniques for our tree industry. Every technique we use is safe, up-to-date and all employees as well as your property is insured and bonded while on the job. Everyone on our tree crew has had years of experience and continues to get educated throughout the year with our company.

Your safety and the safety of our employees is of top priority. We all follow a strict-guideline of protocol when operating any equipment and especially when our crew needs to climb onto your trees. Our office staff is professional and courteous from the first time they answer your call, up until the end of your particular project. Choose us at Cumming Tree Care when in need of any tree servicing. We will exceed your expectations when working with you and your properties.


“We were so happy and thrilled with the way Cumming Tree Care took care of our emergency when a horrible storm hit our area and knocked our huge tree onto our home. It was a very scary situation, however their response was quick and their crew was so very efficient. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts guys!” James & Helen

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