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24/7 Emergency Service is available should anyone need something at any time day or night. Trees don’t always fall between the hours of 9-5 pm and that is why we offer our 24/7 Emergency Service as an option. If you have a tree that has fallen and need it taken care of, give us a call.

We can’t predict what mother nature has in store for us. We can however help out our local community when she does cause ruckus on our town.

When You Have Fallen Trees

When a tree falls on the property, there is typically insurance involved. Many times you can get that property fixed via insurance. Sometimes this same insurance will cover the tree removal. Sometimes it will not. It is up to you to find out by calling your insurance company or going over your policy.

When the storm is still going we will come out and button up the best we can until the storm passes. This will ensure that your gaping hole is covered to help protect what is inside. If It is too dangerous to remove the tree, we will make sure that it and anything around it is taken care of.

24/7 Emergency Service for tree removal isn’t something anyone thinks about until there is a tree down. If you have had a tree fall and it hasn’t hit anything, consider yourself lucky. In this situation, you might not need service right this minute. But, you need to find someone that can clear up the mess for you in a professional manner.

If you are ever in need of emergency tree service, and we never wish that on anyone, don’t hesitate to call some of the best in the business. Cumming Tree Care is here to help!